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Having a custom ring made should be exciting, rewarding and most importantly affordable. You will be in control of the process, every step of the way. Engagement rings, wedding bands, statement cocktail rings, eternity rings, in fact any ring. Don’t worry about a thing – we’ve got you covered.

The Custom Ring Experience

The Manufacturing Process

New Interior Collection

3D Model

Based on the sketches and images you provide, a 3D digital model of your ring will be made using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. The rendered model will include multiple views with critical dimensions to allow you to conceptualise your ring. Minor adjustments can be made until you approve the model for the production run.

Wax Model

A 3D printing machine is used to create a wax print of your 3D model using resin. This is then attached to a sprue and via a process called investing the wax model, a negative plaster mold of the ring is made. This technique is called Lost Wax casting.

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The plaster mold is used to cast the ring using the metal you have chosen. Under vacuum the molten metal is poured into the void of the plaster mold.

Refining the Cast

The cast is cleaned using a ultrasonic cleaner. The sprue is then cut off and the ruff of the ring is prepared using files, sanding and polishing machines.

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Stone Setting

Each diamond and/or gemstone is delicately set by a diamond setter, using a variety of techniques depending on the type of setting.

The Final Touch

Various methods and stages of polishing ensure that the ring is polished to a state of perfection. The ring is then inspected and must pass a vigorous quality assurance check to ensure all stones are securely set and the metal is free of any imperfections.

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