What is custom jewellery?

Custom jewellery is designed and made for a specific client, as opposed to jewellery that is produced for general sale, which is usually found in retail stores. It is made to the specifications and needs of the client.
Custom designing a ring is the ultimate way to express your individual personality. You can even choose to include your own personalised laser engraving. You are one of a kind, so your ring should be too!

How can a custom ring be cheaper than a generic ring found in a retail store?

Lets take a engagement ring as an example. Retail stores need to markup their generic rings considerably to account for the enormous overheads. We are confident that you will save 30% for a like for like product if you have the ring made by us. Rest assured, we do not compromise on quality to offer the saving, it is our lean operation and profit margins that enable us to provide affordable quality custom rings. Why not upgrade that diamond to a higher specification. You will be amazed at how much you will save!

Do you take care of the entire manufacture process from start to finish?

Yes. The entire process is taken care of from start to finish, from conceptual design to the final polish and quality assurance check.

How quickly can you create and delivery a custom made ring?

Once you approve the 3D design, we will create and deliver your custom made ring in 18-22 business days. This may vary as it is dependent upon the complexity of the design. Rest assured, you will be updated via our online portal and email on the status of your ring throughout the process.

What’s the difference between white gold and platinum?

White gold and platinum are two different metals, with different properties. 18ct white gold is made from 75% pure gold and 25% silver and palladium (an alloy which turns the metal white). Platinum used in rings is made from almost 100% pure platinum (95%). Because it is a heavier and denser material, it not only weighs more, but lasts longer. The other benefit of platinum is that it does not need to be rhodium plated, as white gold does. Because 18ct white gold is made of 75% pure gold, in its natural state it has a slight yellow tinge. These rings are coated with a white solution called rhodium. The rhodium plating is used to make the white gold look white. Depending on how often the ring is worn, this coating can last from one to three years.

Can I see my diamond or gemstone before buying?

Off course you can. Simply provide us with the exact details of the diamond/gemstone you are after i.e. colour, clarity, cut and carat and we will send you photos and/or videos, along with a quote detailing the specifications.

All our centre stone diamonds are GIA graded and certified conflict free, in compliance with the United Nations Kimberly Process, so you can be sure you are getting what you paid for.

What metals do Design Bay Jewellery use and how do I know it’s genuine?

We mostly work with 18 carat white, yellow and rose gold and 950 platinum. If your preference is white gold, we recommend platinum due to its endurance and natural white colour. All white gold is plated in rhodium to give it that brilliant white colour. With normal wear, white gold will need to be replated every 1-2 years to maintain its original shine and beauty.

How and where do the rings get made?

Our renowned Sydney based jewellery design and manufacturing company uses the latest technology in CAD drawing, wax printing, casting, setting and laser engraving. The manufacturing process takes place in China.

What happens once I’ve approved my quotation?

Once you approve the quotation via our online portal, you will be kept up-to-date and receive email notifications at various stages of the ring design and manufacturing process, including quotation, 3D design, design approval, completion of manufacture and expected delivery date.

Do you offer engraving?

Of course we can! At a small charge of $30, you can have your custom made ring laser engraved with your own personalised message!

Please double check your ring size as rings with engravings will incur a higher resizing fee as the ring will need to be re-engraved.

Where do your diamonds and gemstones come from?

Our diamonds and gemstones are sourced globally from diamond manufacturers that comply with the United Nations Kimberley Process. All diamonds above 0.5 carat are GIA graded and certified conflict free, so you can be sure you are getting what you paid for.

What are the 4Cs?

The 4 C’s refers to the colour, clarity, cut and carat of a diamond, which are the key characteristics that determine a diamond’s quality and value.

How can I be sure I am receiving the actual diamond I paid for?

All diamonds above 0.5 carat are GIA certified and come with their own GIA grading report that is specific to the diamond you have purchased. Each GIA graded diamond is laser inscribed with a serial number on the girdle, which can be easily found using a 10x loupe.

Should you take this diamond to any jeweller, weigh it or examine it using a 10x magnifying loupe, you will see that the characteristics listed in the report correspond precisely to those of the actual diamond.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept the following payment methods during checkout:
• VISA debit and VISA credit cards
• Mastercard
• American Express
• AfterPay
• PayPal
• Bank transfer

How long is the quote valid for?

Your Design Bay Jewellery quote is valid for up to fourteen days. Please contact us if you decide to go ahead and your quote is no longer valid. It is our mission to give you the best possible price!

How do I measure my ring size?

We want you to avoid the inconvenience and cost that comes with resizing, so we highly recommend having the finger you intend to wear the ring on sized professionally. Most local jewellery stores will be more than happy to do this for free.
If you want to keep the ring a surprise you can use our Design Bay ring guide or check out our alternative methods to finding your ring size. This will provide you with some useful options, so you can place your custom made ring order with confidence!

Do you ship internationally?

At this point in time we ship Australia wide.

Where are your areas of delivery? Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Your Design Bay ring can be shipped anywhere in Australia, however we are unable to ship orders to PO boxes.

Will the delivery be insured?

All orders are delivered by Australia post and tracked using their express postal service to ensure you receive your custom made ring safely and on time.

How long does the delivery take?

Delivery times may be impacted due to COVID-19. You will receive updates via email and will be notified if there’s going to be a delay.

Once you have approved your quotation, you will receive your custom made ring in 18-22 business days.

What is your return policy?

We offer customers the opportunity to return their product within 30 days of their order being delivered.
It’s unlikely that your custom made Design Bay ring will be faulty, as each ring is quality checked. However, if your ring is damaged or not as per your specifications, we will gladly offer a full refund. This is providing it is returned to us within 30 days of delivery, in its unworn and original condition without any damage and accompanied by a sales receipt.
While we do offer all clients free shipping when delivering your order, we kindly ask you to cover the shipping charge when returning to us.
All returns need to be sent via an insured method to:

Design Bay
PO Box 98
Ferny Hills DC QLD 4055

See our Terms and Conditions

How secure is my credit card and personal information?

We use premium encryption technologies to protect your information and do not store your payment details at any time.