“To age with dignity and grace, we must learn acceptance. Life has shown us time and time again that there is much we cannot control or change.” Randi G Fine

Women who age with grace have a confidence that exudes from within. They don’t fear growing older, because they know it brings a sense of peace and wisdom that cannot be found in youth. Derifa, which means graceful, will inspire you or your loved one to grow older with grace, love and humour. The Derifa ring features a hammered finish using traditional jewellery techniques, to reflect the light just so. Its simplicity means it works just as well with jeans and a t-shirt at Sunday brunch, as it does with a stunning dress on a special occasion. Spoil yourself or someone special with Derifa and maintain a positive attitude about life, no matter what your age.

  • Derifa features a solid band with a hammered finish.
  • The band width and thickness is approximately 2.2mm and 1.8mm respectively.
  • The metal used is available in sterling silver, 9ct or 18ct white, yellow or rose gold and platinum, customised to suit your budget.
  • The approximate weight of the band is: sterling silver (2.2g), 9ct white or yellow gold (2.3g), 18ct white or yellow gold (2.8g), platinum (3.8g).
  • The band is laser inscribed with the quote “age gracefully” and includes the Design Bay Jewellery logo stamp and hallmark. Note: the option to add your own quote is available (maximum 18 characters, including spaces).
*Maximum of 18 characters, including spaces. If your ring size is smaller than an M, the size and spacing of the text may vary.
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