Glow of Motherhood: Lisa Messenger’s ‘Follow the Sun’ Ring

Australian entrepreneur, author & founder of Collective Hub


When I finally found out we were pregnant with my baby boy after an eight year wait, I commissioned a ring to celebrate his impending arrival that would signify everything about his journey and our love for him.

The center stone is a peridot because it’s always been associated with light. The ancient Egyptians also called it “gem of the sun”. It is also the birthstone for August – his due date.

The oval shaped centre stone represents the embryo, which is safely held in place with 4 claws and 4 diamonds at the base.

Each of the 4 diamonds represent the 4 significant people who have brought this baby boy into being – three of whom are Lisa, my hubby, and Sarah – my bestie and surrogate.

The peridot stone is surrounded by scalloped sun rays that represent the joy and happiness that this miracle baby will bring to us, our families, friends and community at large.

The hammered finish is a reminder of this bumpy road to motherhood with the smooth stone in the centre representing that anything is possible if you try hard enough.

The inspirational words inscribed within the band “follow the sun” are from one of our favourite Xavier Rudd songs by the same name.

This piece was kindly and lovingly created by Nadine from @designbayjewellery.

Follow and/or commission her for a bespoke quote ring that means something to you.


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