Hello! My name is Nadine. I founded Design Bay Jewellery with a vision of inspiring women to work hard, believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams.

My love of art began in childhood, where I was constantly drawing in notebooks and creating new ideas. My mum knew how passionate I was about art and hoped I would never give up on my dreams. When I was 17, she gave me a beautiful sterling silver ring with ‘Don’t Quit’ inscribed on the band. I cherished the gift and believed it was those words that motivated me to become an artist and overcome the challenges that I faced along the way.

I completed a Master of Visual Arts at Sydney University, followed by a Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture and Certificate II in Design Fundamentals. I also hold a Diploma of Gemmology from the Gemmology Association of Australia. I moved my way up from an Apprentice Jeweller to creating my own designs, winning awards and having my artwork featured on the cover of an international medical journal. It was an exciting time, but I felt that I wasn’t truly living up to my potential as an artist.

It was a few years later at a meditation retreat where I first imagined creating a jewellery collection etched with inspirational quotes. I remembered the impact that my mum’s gift had on me and thought about how jewellery can empower us and make us feel inspired, even when we’re going through difficult times. I began sketching a collection of rings, inscribed with timeless quotes that I hoped would motivate and inspire women across Australia.

I’m proud to present the Design Bay collection, full of stunning pieces that make the perfect gift or indulgence. Each ring is bespoke, with the option to choose your own personal message. If you are fascinated by the energy and aesthetic of a unique one-of-a-kind gemstone, simply contact me about creating your very own custom ring via our online design form. I’d love to hear how your unique Design Bay ring has inspired you or brought joy to someone you love. Simply get in touch with your story, or any questions you may have.

Love and light,


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