A Gem as Old as Time

By Nadine Naumov
Nuummite Precious Gemstone
Nuummite Precious Gemstone
Nuummite Precious Gemstone

After delving further into the field of crystals, I was guided to a gemstone completely new to me; Nuummite. After reading more about it, I became totally intrigued by this ancient gem. I was not at all surprised to learn that this crystal is said to take you on a journey of self-discovery and enhance your spiritual growth.

This unique gemstone is one of Mother Nature’s finest gifts filled with ancient mystery and mesmerizing natural beauty. Nuummite’s energy has been known to keep you grounded and provide a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude in your everyday life. Personally, it has given me energy when I need it most and allowed me to become more focussed on what I need to achieve.

Genuine Nuummite displays golden blue and green iridescent needle like crystals and comes from the icy rugged mountainous region of Greenland. This gemstone is extremely rare and hard to come by because it can only be mined during the warmer months when the ground is not frozen. Many believe Nuummite to be one of, if not the oldest living mineral on Earth. The rock is believed to have been formed from ancient volcanic eruption more than three billion years ago.

Only the rare Nuummite sourced from Greenland is good enough to be cut into gemstones. Wearing a gemstone formed over three billion years ago has made me much more aware of myself, our surrounding natural beauty and the ever-existent spiritual presence in our lives. Working with Nuummite has made me realise that we are all interconnected and that there is so much more to life as we know it.

This gemstone is to be respected and has an incredible calmness and gentleness about it and I have found it an absolute pleasure to work with.


Nuummite is extremely protective, believed to shield against all types of negative energy. It can help you release fear of failure and fear of the unknown. In these uncertain times, working with Nuummite can help you realise that everything in life changes and that this too will pass because nothing is permanent.

This ancient gem has a deep connection to our archaic Earth and the ability to act as a gateway to spiritual enlightenment. Nuummite is also known to unlock one’s psychic abilities and is often used to connect with ancestors, angels and spirit guides.

Genuine Nuummite can help release blocked energy and take you on a journey of transformation by helping you recognise what changes are needed in your life and assisting you in letting go of what is not. Its unique energy is believed to support healing and self-mastery and guide you to a new chapter of your life, full of endless opportunity, love and happiness.

Unique Properties

It is said that each gemstone has its own unique properties and qualities. Genuine Nuummite is a gemstone that can motivate you to aim high and dream big. This stone has been known to bring luck and abundance into your life. For the gem to work for you, one should clearly set their intentions and meditate regularly to allow the energy to take effect. Below is a list of properties that Nuummite has been used for over the years.

Note: As you begin to manifest your dreams and desires, please remember to practice kindness and gratefulness in your everyday life because there is always someone worse off than you.

Nuummite Properties

Psychic Abilities



Sense of Purpose

Higher Knowledge

Spiritual Awakening

Life Path


Living in the Present




Lucid Dreaming



Inner Peace


Stress Relief





Past Lives 

Angelic Communication


Astral Travel





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