Erena Hodgson – Spiritual Growth Coach | Lantern Holistics

It’s hard to recall the version of me that relived past traumatic experiences daily, stumbled around numb to the world from a concoction of medications and consumed with self loathing.

My name is Erena and I overcame adverse childhood experiences, sexual abuse, severe post-natal depression, physical, psychological and financial abuse through domestic violence and a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder.

After I was misdiagnosed, I saw many psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and doctors.

I placed alot of faith in the mental health plans to “fix me”.

I swallowed up all the drugs dispensed as they all professionally proclaimed, you will be on medication for the rest of your life.

I was scared with two young children; desperate to be a great role model for them and provide all that they needed.

I sat through hours over multiple years in talk therapies

– not knowing what the heck was going on
– distressed because I didn’t trust them, the environment or myself
– heightened from a dysregulated nervous system
– disempowered with medication dispensed and the see ‘how you go’ approach (guinea pig style scenario) that included anti pyschotics
– unable to VERBALISE the silent terror that I lived with that was overwhelming me with survival stress
– unable to identify emotions or express the complexity of my inner landscape
– numbed from my authentic truth.

It was the inner whisper of my soul that truly activated the search for being whole, complete and all of me.

“This isn’t going to be your life and we will find another way.”

After experiencing ongoing side effects from the multiple pills I was popping…my inner voice grew stronger and stronger.

“You will find another way”

The white lab coats continued to prescribe more medications to combat the side effects.

“You will find another way”

At one stage I was taking over 30 pills a week and that’s a modest count.

“You will find another way”

I saw over five different psychiatrists till I found one that would support me to get off the medications prescribed.

Tapering off was extremely challenging and dangerous.

Side effects included suicidal ideation, pins and needles up and down my body, mind blanks, shaking, sweats, nausea, memory issues, headaches, dizziness, stomach cramps, physical fatigue, pain in various parts of my body, emotional overwhelm, confusion and more.

I still experience some cognitive issues and physical symptoms including infrequent pins and needles to this day.

“You will find another way”

At the same time, I started to embrace my spiritual journey and began accepting the parts of me that I had kept hidden for so long – the being that has prophetic visions, intergalactic wisdom, astral travels, chats with spirit guides, elementals, star beings, angels, animals, ancestors, receives intuitive intelligence through sensory communication, telepathy, channeling medicine — my natural mystic self.

I have had these abilities since birth and they have strengthened as I embrace more and more of my spiritual truth.

Meditation became my new prescription for health daily.

Creative expression helped me make sense of the inner amd outer world.

An holistic approach to living life well was PRIORITISED.

Support was ACCEPTED

Now, I am thriving with

– bravery to follow my divine missions
– high vibrational living
– love and care for me, my family and others
– celebrate every win big or small, because I made it
– mental health is strong
– brain health is improving in every moment
– respect all the experiences I have had
– acceptance of the light and shades of me
– communicate my needs for my well-being
– actively, connect and engage with others
– have intimate relationships
– have more energy
– powerful connection to my physical body
– emotional empowerment
– an authentic expression of my soul sovereignty

I am so passionate about helping people make empowered decisions about their health especially, their spirituality.

Gathering up holistic health modalities, spiritual teachings, sharing my experiences as medicine, and shining brightly has enabled me to guide others to their soul wisdom and wellness.

I believe we can lead our own way to wellness with agency, dedicated support, spiritual growth, multidimensional communication, empowering tools for mental strength and a holistic lifestyle.

Healing is possible.

Your leading light shines from within and miracles happen every day.

Erena 🙏

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