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Natalie Gauci – World Renowned Performer, Writer, Producer & Coach

When I was 3 my mum bought me a special gift which I absolutely loved. It was a ballerina sitting on a moon and on the moon, there was a quote that said, “a star is born”. My mum used to tell me bedtime stories, tell me I was a star and that I will be a star one day, like she knew something I didn’t!

Renata Nogueira de Andrade – Founder | Goldrop Breastmilk Jewellery

For 37 years I thought I was absolutely certain that I wouldn’t want to generate a life inside of me, then in a moment of reflection and with the power of all the love inside my heart, I developed a desire to become a mum. I was blessed to know that this desire, was actually a reality already inside of me.

Tiffany Babington – Energy Realignment Coach

After a successful 29 year career as a senior diplomat, international development and people leader, the Universe decided it had other plans for me and a spiritual awakening in 2021 delivered a major life transformation that now helps me live my soul’s purpose of facilitating life transformation and enlightenment in others.

Roxy Hotten – Celebrant | Roxy Celebrant

Roxy Hotten, Celebrant at Roxy Celebrant sharing her story of inspiration.

I’ve always been a hard-worker, chasing success in my career, not necessarily financially, but rather by achieving my personal best. However, I found working 9-5 a struggle. I was working for not-for-profits, always with a focus on helping those less advantaged than myself, but the restraints of office hours, when my energetic times are early morning and late afternoon, meant that I could never quite hit the success I wanted to achieve.