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Roxy Hotten, Celebrant at Roxy Celebrant sharing her story of inspiration.

I’ve always been a hard-worker, chasing success in my career, not necessarily financially, but rather by achieving my personal best. However, I found working 9-5 a struggle. I was working for not-for-profits, always with a focus on helping those less advantaged than myself, but the restraints of office hours, when my energetic times are early morning and late afternoon, meant that I could never quite hit the success I wanted to achieve.

One day, one of my friends said to me ‘I think you should work in the wedding industry’. I had helped her at her wedding, and she was thinking I’d be a good event planner. However, that didn’t tickle my fancy, but something else did: celebrancy. I love writing, I love performing, I love story-telling, I love meeting new people. A seed was planted, and so I began training in 2011, thinking it might just end up being a side-hustle to bring in some much needed extra cash into the household.

It ended up being the best decision I ever made, and I’ve been a full-time Celebrant since 2016. My working hours are definitely not 9 to 5, and my energy levels for my career are through the roof. I’ve conducted over 600 weddings, met so many amazing people, have conducted weddings in front of the pyramids in Cairo, the Savoy in London, the beaches in Bali, and many wonderful places here in Australia. I always thank that friend who suggested a new career for me. If she hadn’t, I would still be trying so hard to achieve something which didn’t come naturally for me.

My life now is rich beyond belief. Again, not necessarily financially (though I do okay!) I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I never think ‘Ugh, I’ve got work tomorrow.’ I love my job, like, looooove my job. It doesn’t even feel like a job in some ways. There is that old saying ‘If you do something you love, you never work a day in your life’. And, to me, this is 100% true.

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