Karen O’Connor – Transformational Speaking Coach | Speaking Authentically

I have always loved the idea of speaking and being able to inspire others to see their own greatness. To see possibilities instead of limitations. And after years diving into personal development became Certified in NLP and Coaching.

I wanted to begin coaching and I knew that sharing our own story is the best way to attract and connect with readers, an audience and potential clients. The problem was, I didn’t think I had a story.

You see, I saw my life as ordinary. What did I have to say? Who would listen?

I’ve always loved watching motivational videos and listening to inspiring stories. You know the ones… those that show the strength of the human spirit – the man with no arms and legs that lives life to the fullest, the addict who recovered and now motivates the masses, or the woman who was told would never walk again, and defies the doctors to gain her freedom.

And I thought that if I had a challenge to overcome, I could be like them. I remember saying to myself, “If something happened, I know I will overcome it… and then I’d have an inspiring story to tell.”

It was only a few months later, when in February of 2020, I was diagnosed with Cancer and began chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the midsts of Covid.

Cancer for me was an opportunity to put what I had learned to the test. I didn’t feel defeated, I saw it as a challenge; something to overcome… and it gave me a story.

I remember calling my mentor and saying: “Justin, I’ve got cancer; but don’t worry, I’m okay. I just needed a story.” His reply was something I’ll never forget. He said: “Karen, you don’t need cancer or to climb Mt Everest, to have a powerful story to tell. And you didn’t need to become a coach, to be a speaker.”

During that time I decided to start my business and learned how to begin coaching online. I shared some of my journey on videos and people called me courageous and inspiring… I was just being me. In that moment it was as if some flood gates were open and looking back I realised I had hundreds of stories to tell.

After my treatment, I decided to pursue my passion and learned the art of authentic storytelling, because I believe we all have a story that can inspire, enlighten, bring hope and even healing to someone else.

It may not have been necessary to be a coach to become a speaker, but I love that it allows me to help others in seeing the value of their story and having the confidence to share their story and their message.


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