Laura Muirhead – Artist / Healer

For my entire life I’ve been able to attract what I am passionate about or desire…long before I ever heard the words manifest or co-creation.

What I have known for most of my life is that there are unlimited possibilities. I remember after graduating from high school (a year early…one of my ‘manifestations’) questioning what I wanted to do next with my life. I knew that it was all up to me…and I could do anything I chose! It would be up to me to make it happen. I also knew that I most likely wouldn’t be a brain surgeon. If I really applied myself I could do it, but it wasn’t something that I was inclined to do, or passionate about.

The question has always been what do I want to do, not can I do it, or is it possible.

A few of the experiences I chose to attract:
• Earning my private pilot license in my twenties
• My first trip to Finland with my grandparents when I was 14
• Opening a bread store
• Building a horse stable from a cornfield up
• There was the time I was fortunate with the lottery
• Reconnecting with and marrying my husband after twenty something years
• When our house burned down, we saw an opportunity to have two homes in different states, and then I opened an art studio
• Publishing a children’s book, journals, and co-authoring an international best seller
• Training in LightWeb® and certifying as a LightWeb® Priestess
• Hosting my A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Life® podcast
• Creating my signature Queen Code program, helping women to set personal policies and transform their lives.

All of these things didn’t just happen. There was a co-creation, meaning that I had to take steps towards what I wanted, moving the desire forward and then universal energy met me in creating the desired results.

There have also been times when I realize that things weren’t coming together to reach my goal in the timing or way that I had hoped. In those times, I’ve learned that sometimes a pause can be more valuable than trying to push things through. Sometimes that pause allows for more information to be gathered, for that ‘aha’ moment to happen, or even for the universe to unfold options that hadn’t been on my radar.

We create our lives moment by moment day by day. When we choose what we really want and have personal responsibility for taking action to move our desires forward, the universe will meet us in creating magic in our lives!

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