Nadine Naumov – Founder | Design Bay Jewellery

Nadine Naumov, Founder of Design Bay Jewellery sharing her story of inspiration.

My name is Nadine Naumov. I am the founder of Design Bay Jewellery, an online jewellery store specialising in unique rings with inspirational quotes.

Design Bay Jewellery was born out of my love for creativity and my passion for inspirational words of wisdom, which have helped me get to where I am today. It was at a meditation retreat in 2016 that I first imagined creating a collection of rings with inspirational quotes that could inspire women to live their passion and follow their life path.

My creative journey has been greatly influenced by epilepsy, a condition I was diagnosed with at the age of 12.

Epilepsy greatly impacted the life of my family and often made me feel like an outsider. I have always been creative and highly intuitive and would often turn to drawing before or after a seizure.

Many years later, I was blessed with a spiritual awakening and my experiences as an epileptic began to fall into place. I began to see epilepsy a spiritual gift that was directly linked to my creativity through which I was discovering my true purpose in life. My journey would lead me to join Dr Jim Chambliss as a guest speaker at the 7th Annual International Arts and Health Conference, win a purchase award at the ‘Creative Sparks’ art exhibition and see my work featured on the cover of an international medical journal. These moments were some of the most rewarding experiences and gave me an extraordinary sense of purpose.

Along the way I have also had to learn to overcome and embrace personal challenges, including two miscarriages and numerous IVF treatments.

Having been on anti-convulsion medication most of my life, I know how fortunate I am, to be a mum of two beautiful healthy children and the wife of an incredible husband, who genuinely loves and supports me.

My challenges have made me stronger than ever to follow my dream of using my creative gift to design unique rings inscribed with inspirational quotes to help motivate and inspire women to believe in themselves and follow their dream.

My favourite quote is “Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do” by Robert Schuller.

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