Natalie Gauci – World Renowned Performer, Writer, Producer & Coach

When I was 3 my mum bought me a special gift which I absolutely loved. It was a ballerina sitting on a moon and on the moon, there was a quote that said, “a star is born”. My mum used to tell me bedtime stories, tell me I was a star and that I will be a star one day, like she knew something I didn’t!

She had me doing ballet, tap, jazz and performing in concerts by the age of 3, which I really enjoyed. and my poor brother and sister got dragged along too!

My mum was a singer until she had me, then she stopped because she believed she couldn’t be a mum and do what she loved. She channeled all her focus, energy, and love onto me because she said she knew I was talented from when I was growing in her belly, and she named me after Natalie Wood the famous actress and singer.

I love being on stage, love singing, making people happy and bringing joy to people. Acting was my first preference, achieving a film and television diploma by the age of 12.

Singing came later, but wasn’t without its pains and struggles as well as high successes. Being born to be a star was a lot of pressure. I rebelled against it a lot and didn’t appreciate my talents as much as I would have liked, because of depression that happened to me as a young teenager when I was sexually abused by my music teacher and lost my innocence at a very young age. The darkness took my voice away and I lost my confidence.

I worked hard on getting my confidence back and becoming famous and winning Australian Idol was one of the greatest moments and achievements of my life. It exaggerated my past pains and traumas as well and I lost myself after a few years of fame and my powerful voice was quickly becoming small again. I became very spiritual, and I began asking God and Jesus to heal me and for my voice to shine again. It was working and still works to this day!

Becoming an ambassador for Design Bay Jewellery, I believe is part of my spiritual journey, currently as a single mother and performer. The ring I now have on my finger represents my birth right to be that star again, that God created. It’s the ballerina sitting on the moon, that I get to wear everyday and it’s a reminder of what God can do in my life. It speaks to me and tells me never to give up on my dreams.

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