Renata Nogueira de Andrade – Founder | Goldrop Breastmilk Jewellery

For 37 years I thought I was absolutely certain that I wouldn’t want to generate a life inside of me, then in a moment of reflection and with the power of all the love inside my heart, I developed a desire to become a mum. I was blessed to know that this desire, was actually a reality already inside of me.

My pregnancy was not easy. It was exactly like my phobia would tell me inside of my head. It was the longest 9 months I’ve ever experienced until I had, wrapped around my arms, the love of my life.

When my daughter was born, it taught me how to become the strongest version of myself and taught me about the ‘unconditional love’ we have for our children.

In this rollercoaster of emotions, came the need to breastfeed this tiny human being, who is so dependent on me.

Breastfeeding was a rough journey for me and I almost gave up, because the physical and emotional pain was becoming unbearable, combined with misinformation that was being thrown at me. I was at breaking point. With the help of my husband, as well as my GP, I started to understand that this was my journey and that it may have up’s and down’s, but, I would get through it.

After my experience, I decided to create a way for all the brave mums out there, who have been through this difficult but yet one of the most rewarding moments of a pregnancy journey, to be able to solidify their breastmilk and create a beautiful pendant.

My daughter inspires me daily and it is for her that I will always BELIEVE, so the moments we dream of become reality.

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