Tiffany Babington – Energy Realignment Coach

After a successful 29 year career as a senior diplomat, international development and people leader, the Universe decided it had other plans for me and a spiritual awakening in 2021 delivered a major life transformation that now helps me live my soul’s purpose of facilitating life transformation and enlightenment in others.

My spiritual awakening began when I was hit by a mystery illness that had me bedridden for six weeks and physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. I realised I needed to sort my life out and start taking more responsibility for my own wellness and spiritual growth as I couldn’t support anyone if I wasn’t energetically aligned and healed myself.

And so my spiritual and healing journey began with learnings around conscious creation, the akashic records, mindset, spiritual and quantum success coaching, universal wisdom and indigenous knowledge – all of which were life changing. These were followed by learning to do energy healing and trust my intuition and downloads from the Universe either through my own inner reflection or through others supporting me on my journey with guidance.

I reflected on my life lessons including many periods of self-sabotage and repetitive patterns particularly related to overwhelm and stress, destructive behaviours, and dysfunctional relationships, some of which were sexually, physically and mentally abusive. I further reflected on my self-limiting beliefs and energies particularly around self-love, not speaking my truth, taking responsibility or following through with action, and ignoring my intuition and signs from the Universe. There were also numerous karmic blocks from both past and current life choices and actions which weren’t helping me energetically. As a result, I did a LOT of intense healing.

What I found was that while I had material abundance in my life, I was energetically misaligned at soul level and needed to learn to shift my energy and emotions from lower to higher vibrations more quickly and that energy mastery, self-love, inner balance and forgiveness were fundamental to my overall abundance. I realised the power of living from soul and our oneness with nature and the Universe. I also started to remember and better value the gifts and skills I have from this and past lives.

As more light, love, peace and joy came into my life and I started living in a higher vibrational state, I knew I wanted to support others transform their lives drawing on universal wisdom, indigenous knowledge, and the skills and learnings I had gained professionally and personally including from my spiritual journey.

I am blessed to be the mother of three sons, a grandmother, and I can now say, thanks to a lot of healing, soul aligned action, guidance and support, I am also blessed to have physical, mental and spiritual abundance in my life.

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